Gamer Tales

The First of Many

Hey, and welcome to the new blog! Hence the name of the site, of course.

I started this site to make a bit of an online presence where I can write about some of my gaming. You all know it - we’ve played through a game and had a great time, and have some stories to tell. Some of us put it on YouTube, or Twitch, or TikTok. That’s not really for me - maybe in the future, but for right now, YouTube and Twitch seem really rocky and against their group of creators. I can write, and I have stories to tell. That’s it, for now.

I play on PC, both on my gaming desktop, and on my Steam Deck. Other than that, I have a collection of other consoles and handhelds - most of them jailbroken. I’ll probably do one post each, with a rundown of what modifications I’ve made and some of the great times they’ve brought me.

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